Sichuan Humanity Forum - Pro.Su Ping, the Dean of the Chongqing Intellectual Property School

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Theme: The Resolution Mechanism of Sino-US Trade Dispute in the Perspective of Intellectual Property Rights

Lecturer:Su Ping

Time19:00 on Thursday 24 May,2018

Address:Conference Hall of Master of Law


Lecturer Profile

Su Ping is a doctor, professor, research and doctoral supervisor and is also the Dean of the Chongqing Intellectual Property School as well as the academic leader of the First-Level Discipline in Business Administration of Chongqing in technological innovation and intellectual property (hereafter IP) management. He is also one of the selected experts in the first batch of expert databases for national IP and IP experts from the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as well as one of the National Top 100 Talents Project for IP, and the second batch of candidates for national IP leaders. Meanwhile, he is a member of the China IP Research Association, a member of the China IP Law Research Association, the deputy secretary of the Chongqing IP Research Association, the director of the Defense IP Committee of the Chongqing (Sichuan) Ordnance Society, and the executive deputy director in the research base for copyright protection of Chinese literary works.

His research field focuses on the law and management of IP. And his main academic achievements on monograph include: Research on the Change Mode of IP Rights (Law Press), Editor-in-Chief of Reading Notes on Geographical Indications (China Industry And Commerce Press), and Editors of Economic Law (Associate Chief Editor, Wuhan University Press). Ina adition, he has published many papers in academic journals such as Law Research, Intellectual Property and Social Scientist. He presided over the soft science project of the State IP Office, the project of Chongqing philosophy and social sciences, the soft science project of Chongqing Science and Technology Plan, the key project of higher education reform of Chongqing Municipal Education Commission, and the soft science project of Chongqing Science and Technology Plan.


Law School of Southwest University of Science and Technology

22 May, 2018