Lecture from Clay Vogel, Design Director of Chengdu Weishang International Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

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Topic:How to Become a Successful Architect---Ideas from a Foreign Architect

Lecturer: Clay Vogel, Architect

Time: from 3:30 p.m.--5:30p.m., Friday 25 May, 2018

Place: Conference Room of Tsinghua Building, Third Floor (Academic Reporting Hall)

Introduction to the lecturer:

Clay Vogel (born 1975, USA) graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Architecture as an outstanding graduate. The types of design projects led by Mr Vogel range from luxurious villas to multi-purpose complexes throughout the United States and overseas, including: hospitals, laboratories, R&D centers and entertainment buildings. It is these complex projects that show his architectural talent.

These experiences provide him with a broader perspective on the design method: in a specific environment, each project is a unique challenge, and his goal is to make a functionally effective and beautiful design. His ideological merit lies in his pursuit of excellence in design, and the focus on unique and sustainable feature. In this world of assimilation, whether in Los Angeles, Shanghai, New Delhi, or Moscow, he has tried to integrate his designs into the local culture, climate, and social environment. His mission is to express his idea in a unique and appropriate method and to provide our modern society with highly sophisticated and technologically advanced architectural solutions. In 2008, Mr. Craig Vogel was named one of the top 40 US architects under the age of 40 by BD+C's Architectural Design and Engineering magazine.


Civil Engineering and Architecture

Mianyang Urban and Rural Construction Research Institute

Mianyang Urban and Rural Planning Association

May 21, 2018