Lecture by Pro. Zhao Youbin from Jinan University

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Topic: The Best Way to Tell the Story Happened in China--Translation of the Words with Chinese Characteristics

Commencement: 2:00-4:00 p.m., 31 May, 2018(Thursday)

Address: Multifunctional Conference Hall, 4th floor, Block East 7C

Lecturer: Zhao Youbin

Zhao Youbin is a Professor, PhD supervisor  and Dean of the School of Translation Studies at Jinan University. He is also an expert judge for the China Scholarship Council, a member of the Guangdong Province Higher Education Guiding Committee (Translation Branch), Vice Chairman of the Zhuhai Foreign Language Association, a guest Professor at the Chengdu Sport Institute and Jilin University Zhuhai Campus, and a part-time Professor at the South China Business College based at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. At present, he isleading on several national social science fund research projects, including a translation of Chinese academic texts and and a history of Chinese painting ideas. He has also contributed to several national social science fund research projects, including the story of Sun Yat-sun in 2016, the history of Chinese folk tales in 2016 and the history of Chinese landscape painting in 2017. He has presided over the completion of social science planning projects from the Ministry of Education, including a study of post-colonial literature in New Zealand, an undergraduate education project from the Ministry of Education in 2016, a translation project in Guangdong, various Novels, a project from the National Scholarship Fund in 2008 and several  important projects from the National Higher Education tenth five-year plan in 2002, including bilingual teaching education in Chinas universities and colleges, Guangdong social science planning projects in 2013, the study of Mansfield and Zhuhai translation studies  in 2015.   

More than 80 articles of his have been published in international and domestic journals, including  Perspectives,Journal of Literature and Art Studies, Chinese Translators Journal, Foreign Languages in China, Foreign Literature Studies, Foreign Literatures, Foreign Literature, Contemporary Foreign Literature, Translations, Chinese Science & Technology Translators Journal, Foreign Theoretical Trends etc...Five of his articles have been reprinted inForeign Literature Studies and ten of his articles can be found using a CPCI-SS search. He has also published 15 monographs and compiled works including Context and Translation, Integration of English Translation and Culture, Comparison of the Meaning of English and Chinese Words and Expressions, Comparison between Chinese and Western Cultures, the Art of Mansfields Novels, Appreciation of Shakespeares Comic and Tragic Monologue, Western Culture and Etiquette, Business Etiquette, Selection of New Zealand Literature, New Zealand was Deep in My Heart etc.