SWUST Reclaims Trophy at Sichuan College Students’ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition 2018

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Sichuan College Students’ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition drew to an end in Southwest Minzu University on June 12, 2018. The outstanding performance by SWUST students - 5 gold award winners, 9 silver award winners and 12 bronze awards, saw the university come fourth overall, which contributed to the school reclaiming the trophy in the Sichuan College Students’ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition.

On behalf of SWUST, Zhang Qiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, attended the organizing committee meeting and the closing ceremony and showed his concern for attendees with the Youth League Committee and some of the faculty leaders.


    In this competition, , jointly held by the Organization Department of Sichuan Provincial Committee, the Communist Youth League of Sichuan Provincial Committee, Department of Education of Sichuan Province, Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Human Resources and Social Security of Sichuan Province, Sichuan Association for Science and Technology and Sichuan Provincial Students’ Federation a total of 935 entries from 69 universities entered the provincial quarter-final, 26 of which came from SWUST. At the end of the three day event, 96 pieces won a gold award, 210 pieces a silver award and 628 pieces a bronze award.

In the final competition, the works provided by SWUST covered various fields, ranging from agriculture and forestry, biology, chemical engineering, information, materials, mechanical engineering to culture, attracting extensive attention from all walks of life. Liu Huiying, Sichuan Provincial Secretary and other key leaders successively visited and inquired the information on the works, and extended appreciation and praise toward those works.

    (Edited by Liu Fangchi)   (Manuscript by Youth League Committee)