SWUST wins prizes at the Sichuan Digital Artistic Work Competition

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The 2018 Sichuan College Students’ Digital Artistic Work Competition & the 6th National College Artistic Design Competition (Sichuan) Awards Ceremony was held in the Chenglong campus of Sichuan Normal University. The competition and ceremony were sponsored by the Sichuan Provincial Education Department and organised by Sichuan Normal University..

         Since the contest’s launch in March, 3401 entries have been entered from 49 different colleges , including SWUST, Sichuan University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan Normal University and Chengdu University of Technology . An expert panel began by reviewing each entry. Students from the School of Literature and Art of SWUST performed excellently, receiving several prizes: Ji Jiafang and Liu Wenqian won the first prize in the student group; Ji Jie and Heng Jie won the second prize; and Fan Jialin won the third prize. Furthermore, Prof. Xie Hongtu was given the Excellent Guide Teacher Award.

(Edited by Liu Fangchi) (Manuscript by the School of Literature and Art)

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