SWUST Teams achieve record results at the 7th Dragon Boat Festival Race

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The 7th Dragon Boat Festival Race was held from 17 to 18 June in Xianhai, Mianyang, Sichuan Province. The competition included three different heats: 22-men boats; 12-women boats; and 12-men boats. More than 1200 participants took part.

The SWUST teams, composed of students majoring in Social Sports, were guided by Bai Qing and Xu Yanwei. They participated in the 22-men boat and 12-men boat heats and achieved record results for SWUST. The SWUST team came first in the 22-men 300 metre race (completing it in 1m26s23) and second in the 12-men 300 metre race (completing it in 1m47s).

(Edited by Zhang Ting) (Contributed by the School of Department of Physical Education of SWUST)