SWUSTers Achieve Success at the 2018 BRICS Youth Makers Competition (China Division)

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The BRICS Youth Makers Competition, China Division, was held at the gymnasium of Kunming University of Science and Technology from August 13th to 15th. The Youth Makers Competition is an independent event of the 2018 BRICS Skills Development & Technology Innovation Competition (BRICS Competition) for “Belt and Road” areas. The work “No-Load Smart Payment System” sent by SWUST won the first prize of China Division.

 With “Crossing Boundaries” as the theme, competitions of cutting-edge technology solutions have been carried out in areas such as digital society, eco-manufacturing, smart living, healthcare, convenient traveling, disaster resistance and reduction, and clean energy. Competitors were required to present their ideas with physical products. Under the organization of Engineering Technology Center of SWUST, the work “No-load Smart Payment System,” outraced from Share Work Space of SWUST, has enhanced and improved product performance and service quality. This was accomplished by adopting widely-used sensor technology and machine identification technology. The work was well received by the on-site evaluation experts and won the first prize of China Division.

In addition, according to the expert's suggestion, the team customized the product to meet diversified needs, so as to expand the social value of their work.

Background information:

The 2018 BRICS Youth Makers Competition is one of the high-level events hosted by the BRICS Business Council. The competition is of great immediate significance as it promotes the skills development and technical exchanges among the BRICS countries, and also establishes an international cooperation opportunity for the “Belt and Road” areas and BRICS countries.The competition is a platform where talents can be trained in vocational skills, engineering capability training, and intelligent technology innovation.