SWUSTers Achieve Great Success in 2018 National Radio Direction Finding Championship

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 Recently, the 2018 National Radio Direction Finding Championship, China Unicom Cup, came to an end. Teams from SWUST won nine group awards, including 2 team champions. SWUST also won 20 individual awards, including 9 first place recipients. There were also five individual all-round awards, 3 being first place recipients.

The competition is sponsored by the Aviation Administration Center of the State General Administration of Sports and the Chinese Radio Sports Association, and is organized by the people's government of Taihua town, Yixing, Jiangsu Province. There are three items for the competition: standard distance of 3.5 MHz, 144 MHz and directional fox hunting. 400 athletes of 56 teams from universities nationwide were involved, including China University of Mining and Technology, South China University of Technology, National University of Defense Technology and other universities.

Under the organization of SWUST's engineering and technology center, as well as the guidance of tutors, the SWUST team comprised of 13 students participated in the competition, representing Sichuan province. The team members come from 7 major disciplines including: nuclear engineering and technology, special energy technology and engineering, mineral processing engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, civil engineering, building environment and energy application engineering, material forming and control engineering. After nearly two months of physical fitness and professional direction finding technical training, the overall competence of the team has been greatly improved. In the competition, the team members achieved outstanding results with united hearts. In the three competition items of standard distance of 3.5 MHz, 144 MHz and directional fox hunting, they won a total of nine group awards. Two of them are team champions, 20 individual awards, of which 9 were first prizes in individual competitions. There are 5 all-round awards for individual competitions, of which 3 are first-prize awards; Tutor Zhang zujun and Wang yinling both won awards of outstanding guidance teacher.

( Edited by Liu fangchi ) ( Contributed by the Engineering Technology Center )

Background information:

The national youth radio direction finding championship is a sport sponsored by the State General Administration of Sports, the Aviation Radio Model Sports Management center and China Radio Sports Association. It integrates science and technology, sports and interest. It requires athletes to have not only certain radio knowledge, but also strong thinking ability and physical fitness. It is of great importance for young adults to broaden their vision, enrich their knowledge, hone their will, receive national defense education, and cultivate their independent thinking ability.